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    Use these tools to help you keep on top of your finances and find areas where you can save money

  • Mortgage Calculator

    This will calculate your approximate monthly mortgage payment based on the purchase price and your loan details. This calculator is for fixed-rate mortgages.

    With the parameters you selected, the most expensive house you can afford costs $399,180. Your Monthly payment would be $2,333.

  • Commuting Cost Calculator

    How much money do you spend on commuting by car ?

    Your daily commute costs you $ round-trip.

    A five-day working week will run up $ in commuting costs.

    With a 250-workday year, you spend $ per year commuting by car.

  • Education Fees Calculator

    This page will calculate if you are saving enough to pay for all of your childrens college education.

    *in 2006-2007, the average tution plus room and board of private colleges was $30,3067. Costs at four-year public colleges averaged $12,796.

    Congratulations, at this level of savings you will be able to pay all of your childrens' college costs.

  • Investment Yield Calculator

    this page will calculate the average yearly yield (rate of return) of your investment.

    The annual rate of return on your investment was approximately %

  • At this rate, you will be a millionaire in years. You are now , so you will be a millionaire by age .

  • After year(s) at 5% interest, your original investment of $ will be worth about $.

  • Annual Housing Appreciation

    This will calculate the annual appreciation of your house since you bought it.

    Your house appreciated at an annual rate of %.

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