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Fun ways to save money on drinks in Dubai

Please may I purchase a bottle of vodka bigger than my body and make sure it has fireworks to show everyone that I won’t be paying next month's rent? That's how you go from Hero to Zero extremely quickly.

Have you ever woken up, possibly in the middle of the afternoon, and checked your phone, with fear, for messages from the bank to see how hammered you and your account got last night?

You’re definitely not alone. We all get a little excited, start a tab, bring out the shots and buy a few drinks for randoms. The only problem is drinking in Dubai can be crazily expensive! A night out once you’ve received your paycheck can result in the next 29 lonely nights of 2-minute noodles and Facebook stalking. To keep your money in the bank and the Panadol at the Chemists try becoming, if not all, of the following:

The Daredevil 

Leave your bankcard at home. Easier said than done, I know as nobody likes to get caught out and go home when the fun’s just starting. So take a little extra, stash some of the cash separately from your wallet for the odd taxi dip and/ or surprise and hopefully the surprise will be when you wake up and find you still have it in the morning.

The Wise 

Don’t do shots, start tabs or enter rounds. Tough yet Simple and your kidneys and bank will both thank you in the morning.

The Cheerful

Hurrah for Dubai and its night brunches! They are a cheap way to catch up with friends over dinner and consume copious amounts of alcohol. Have a look on TimeOutDubai.com for a long list of venues; Mistral’s night brunch is the longest, lasting 5 glorious hours.

The Brave 

Hold a house party, download a playlist from SoundCloud, stock up on ice and invite guests to bring a bottle, case, trunk or van full. Having said that if your apartment gets trashed it could end up costing you more.

The Obvious 

Drink before you head out, the oldest trick in the book and the reason we end up losing our phones, shoes and possibly shirts.

The Confused

Be the designated driver, the drinks should be on everyone else, until you start babysitting.

The Boss

After work Happy Hours are such great deals in Dubai you can afford to offer a round or two. Just make an excuse and head home before you get carried away and take the whole of your office for a private party on a yacht.

The Smart

Nightclubs - Avoid them. Thankfully not many charge on the door however that doesn’t mean they are not overpriced. If you fancy a late night bottle, and by bottle I mean of the spirited variety, head down to Deira for a hilarious end to your night. Boracay is a classic, the booze is a fraction of top end club prices, the bar is bouncing and the entertainment will get you dancing on the tables, if you’re allowed!

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